Privacy policy


In the interests of protecting your privacy, a policy has been drawn up to establish handling of the personal data you provide to SUPERSOL SPAIN S.L.U. (hereinafter, SUPERSOL). Allowing us to access your personal data means you are accepting this privacy policy and therefore permitting the gathering and use of said data as described. If you do not agree with what is stated above, do not provide personal data.

This privacy policy is part of the general terms and conditions regulating the use of this website. Your details will be used only for the purposes stipulated in our privacy policy.


Those responsible are SUPERSOL SPAIN S.L.U (hereinafter, SUPERSOL), tax number: tax number: B-86310521. The company´s registered offices are atPaseo de John Lennon, 1, Getafe, Madrid España.


The data we handle at SUPERSOL is the data you have provided us with while filling in different forms on our website. Examples are contacting or registering with us.


The handling of data, as stipulated by law, is based on your consent. This consent is given when you voluntarily provide said data by accessing and using the website tools.

The handling of your data is to achieve the following goals:

  • Dealing with your queries, suggestions, requests or complaints
  • Registering you with our website
  • Sending you information on special offers by different means of communication.

We would like to reiterate that you may freely withdraw your consent at any time in the customer section of our website.


The data that we handle at SUPERSOL is the data you provide us with on registering on our website. This is done when forms or wordings are used to gather data. Examples of which are: name, home address, ID and email address.


Your data will not be released to other companies except for those suppliers of SUPERSOL that may need said information in order to provide necessary services. This will be done by on instruction from us. International Data Transfer is not an option.


Your personal data will be kept until you choose to exercise your right to withdraw consent to its use. We would however, like to point out that SUPERSOL does have internal checking policies where the periods of data conservation are controlled.

7.1 Security

SUPERSOL meets the required security and confidentiality levels to ensure that your personal data is protected. We have electronic, physical and administrative processes in place to protect the data we have gathered. Technical measures have been taken to avoid possible loss, misuse, manipulation, unauthorized access or theft of any personal data released to this website.

Since email privacy cannot be controlled while sending, we recommend that no confidential, commercial or personal information be disclosed in emails.

If we should suspect that the security of your personal data is in jeopardy, it will be brought to your attention. In that unlikely event, you will be notified as soon as possible by email.


Data protection laws establish certain privacy rights for the user. These rights are as follows:

  • Access rights: Knowing the characteristics of the type of data we are dealing with and how we are using it.
  • Modification rights: to be able to modify incorrect or out of date data.
  • Rights concerning portable data: Access to an interoperable copy of the data being handled to allow access by others.
  • Right to limit of use: You have the right to limit your data use as long as that request is backed by law.
  • Cancellation rights: Requesting the disabling of your data when handling is no longer necessary.
  • Withdrawal rights: Requesting the cancellation of commercial communications delivery in the terms mentioned above.
  • The right to place a formal complaint to the stipulated authority. In Spain, this authority is“la Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (or AEPD).” 

This transaction can be carried out by post at the following address:

SUPERSOL SPAIN, S.L.U. Paseo de John Lennon 1ª A (Pol. Ind. San Marcos), 28906, Getafe-Madrid, or by email at including the contact details given at the beginning of this clause. A copy of your ID must be enclosed as proof of data ownership.


Like many different websites, we use cookies to help us gather and store information about the visits to our website. A cookie is a small data file that our server sends to your navigator when you visit a website for the first time. The use of cookies helps us to control how you use certain aspects of the website. You can eliminate cookies at any time or you can configure your server to enable or disable cookies. We use information from cookies in the following way:          

1. Traffic Control

Cookies are collected in relation to:

  • IP address used to access the website
  • The type of navigator and operating system you use to access the website
  • The date and time of access
  • The sites you visit
  • The internet address that you access the website from

2. To recognize frequent visitors for statistical and analytical purposes.

3. Anonymous tracking of interaction with online advertising, for example to control the number of times a banner appears and the number of times it is clicked on. We can connect the data we gather through cookies with other identifiable personal data, which will allow us to:

  • Personalize and adapt your experience on the site. An example of which is greeting you by your name when you log on.
  • For commercial reasons such as credit card sales.
  • To control your use of our websites so as to send the most relevant communications possible ; for example, sending emails with information concerning the most frequently visited sections of the website or information about the sections that have yet to be explored.

This will enable us to gather and send information to third parties (such as advertisers) on global statistics and user numbers, traffic patterns and information related to the site.


10.1 Links to other websites

In the event that the user finds hyperlinks to other websites through different features, links, banners etc, please note that these are managed by third parties and that SUPERSOL has no means whatsoever, neither human nor technical of knowing, controlling nor approving all the information, content, products or services provided by those other websites that may be accessed from our website.

Therefore, SUPERSOL cannot accept any responsibility for any aspects relating to the particular website that may be accessed by hyperlink from our website. As an illustrative yet by no means exhaustive example, the functioning , access , data , information, files, quality and guarantee of the products and services , its own hyperlinks and/or any of its content in general.

In this way, if any of our users discover any illicit activity on any of these “third party” websites, they should immediately warn SUPERSOL so that we can proceed to disable the link to said website.

The establishing of access by hyperlink to any other website does not imply the existence of any type of relationship, collaboration or dependence between SUPERSOL and the website in question.

10.2 Links to SUPERSOL from other websites

If any user, entity or website wishes to link to our website from any other website, they should pay attention to the following stipulations:

The link should only access the home page of the website unless otherwise stated from SUPERSOL.

The link should be complete and should give the user access by clicking on the URL address of the website. This should lead to the full display of the website home page in full screen format. Under no circumstances, except by written authorization, can the website carrying the link reproduce our website in any form, or include it as part of their website, or inside one of their frames, or create a browser for any of the pages on the website.

In no way can the page with the link to the SUPERSOL website declare that SUPERSOL has authorized the link except in the case that it has done so in writing. If the party using said link correctly wishes to include the brand, denomination, commercial name, signing, logotype, slogan or any other type of identification strategy, they will need written authorization beforehand.

SUPERSOL will not authorize the establishing of a hyperlink to our website from those pages that contain illicit or illegal material or information, degrading or obscene content or any other content that may go against morals, public order or generally accepted social norms.

SUPERSOL has no human nor technical resources to neither know, control,  nor approve all the information, content, products or services provided by other websites that have established hyperlinks to our websites. SUPERSOL will take no responsibility for any aspect relative to that website that may be accessed by hyperlink from our website. As an illustrative yet by no means exhaustive example, the functioning , access , data , information, files, quality and guarantee of the products and services , its own hyperlinks and/or any of its content in general.