superSol products

SuperSol products

Do you know the SuperSolbrand? In this section we will describe the wide variety of our own-label products, of the highest quality and with very competitive prices , which will help you to save on your shopping cart. From breakfast pastries, dairy products, drinks and fresh produce to preserves, groceries, deep-frozen products, and even hygiene and perfume. ¡We offer you the widest product range!

  • Custards

  • Chocolate cake

    Chocolate cake
  • Mezclum salad

    Mezclum salad
  • Baguettes

  • Select from the sea

    Select from the sea
  • Fresh bread

    Fresh bread
  • San Jacobo

    San Jacobo
  • Pizza base

    Pizza base
  • Mini 3 cheeses pizza

    Mini 3 cheeses pizza
  • Seafood sticks

    Seafood sticks
  • Yoghurts

  • Puff pastry

    Puff pastry