06/ 5/2013

Christmas campaign 2012

Christmas campaign 2012

Since November last, our superSol shops and our CashDiplo have been celebrating Christmas with the best offers for the Christmas Campaign, with special decoration worthy of this period.

Amongst the different actions carried out was the one we are about to describe:


At superSol, we are not only committed to the customer but also to making it possible for our shops to be impeccable every day.

Over the months of November and December, the "Best Installations" competition took place, where prizes were given for the shops that had the best installations and the best displays over the Christmas period. Aspects that were assessed were mainly their sales impact, the coherence of the displays and how spectacular they were.

The prize-winning shops were:

1st. PRIZE:Navalmoral de la Mata (Cáceres)
2º PRIZE: Atlántida. San Fernando (Cádiz) and Julián Romea (Madrid)
3rd. PRIZE: Alanis (Huelva), Nagüeles (Marbella) and Espartina (Seville)

And of course, the winning shops celebrated their well-earned prize with a big supper with the whole team. CONGRATULATIONS!!!