06/ 5/2013

Our fishmongers in the Baltic countries

Our fishmongers in the Baltic countries

Sandra, Carlos, Domingo, Javier, Vicente and Manuel are our 6 superSol fishmongers who travelled to the Baltic Countries to train fishmongers from the Maxima Group in Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia in the month of October.

The mission was mainly to show the Maxima fishmongers the different ways to sell and cut each fish, how to preserve it correctly, how to place it in the section depending on offers, campaigns, etc.

Their day began very early (7 am), always in the company of an interpreter and with the presence of a shop manager, who made a note of the problems our professionals encountered when it came to assembling the counter, placing the product and the cut.

The fresh product was sent from Spain. They even made 4 different paellas which they gave to the Maxima staff and customers to taste. This event was also attended by the Spanish ambassador to Lithuania.

The visit by our colleagues created much anticipation. The news of the training courses was picked up by the main local and national media.

We want to take advantage of the occasion ot thank all of the Maxima Group personnel for the warm welcome and attention they gave to our fishmongers.