06/ 5/2013

Supersol collaborates with the Andalusian breakfast

Supersol collaborates with the Andalusian breakfast

On 27 February last, the Andalusian Breakfast programme took place in San Fernando (Cadiz).

A training activity on the subject of eating which was participated in by 27 of the city’s primary schools with the aim of promoting healthy eating habits
amongst the youngest ones .

The opening ceremony was attended by the deputy mayor for Families and town councillor for Health and Food, Mª José de Alba, along with Ignacio Durán, head of sales and Luis Vázquez, manager of supersol Su1127.

This ceremony involved the school children having a healthy and balanced breakfast of bread, olive oil and milk. Our company has been collaborating with this initiative through superSol for several years and, on this occasion, distributed 135 litres of olive oil, 1,620 litres of milk, 54 kilos of sugar and 108 tins of cocoa for the organisation of the programme.