SuperSol reopens 3 shops in record time

SuperSol reopens 3 shops in record time

The establishments in Melilla, Ceuta and Navalmoral de la Mata were, without a doubt, the main players in the months of March. Shops that have reopened their doors and were a feather in our cap for this 2013.

There was a total investment of 675,000 € for these reopenings and they are encompassed within the new superSol strategy for improvement of our shops during 2013, with which a new boost is intended to be given to these establishments.

One of our oldest shops, in existence for almost 22 years and with a total investment of 270,000 €, this iconic shop reopened its doors on 7 March last, and numerous local residents and personalities from the Autonomous Cityís administration were in attendance.

It has a shop floor of 2,493 square metres, a total built surface of 6,457 square metres and it has 56 free parking places exclusively for its customers.

Through the so-called Marketplace, the customer comes to the usual area of perishable goods, where our usual excellent quality fresh products can be purchased.

The shop also has sections for frozen foods, food, dairy products, drinks, cleaning products, personal hygiene, clothing and household goods.

On Thursday 14 March, the Ceuta shop located on Calle Muelle CaŮonero Dato reopened its doors. It took an investment of 270,000€ and it has a shop floor of 1,850 m2 with 45 covered parking places and 65 open-air places.

All of the perishable goods sections are together in the so-called Marketplace.

the only shop in Extremadura, has had an investment of 135,000 €. This establishment has a total surface area of 2,250 m2, where the customer can find the usual fresh foods section along with frozen foods, food, dairy products, drinks, cleaning products, personal hygiene, household goods, wines and the Extremadura Corner.

It reopened on 20 March last and was the reopening was attended by a large number of customers who didnít want to miss this big event.