06/ 5/2013

We’re bringing down our prices

We’re bringing down our prices

Presentation of the different promotional campaigns in the South and Central Area.

The world is in continual evolution, changes are ever faster, and we have the responsibility of knowing how to adapt. In this new stage that we are starting, superSol Spain is reborn with a solid strategy, with clear positioning, with set projects and a specific aim: a decrease in prices and the vocation of serving our customers.

Our company’s new price positioning aim is to make them comparable to the competition. Therefore, we are working on the development of two big campaigns to inform consumers that we are going to bring down the prices of our entire range permanently.

Last week, these two advertising campaigns were presented in the South and Central Region with the slogan "MADRID PLAN CAMPAIGN" and "WIN THE PRICE WAR", respectively. Both campaigns will start on 22 November next in all superSol shops.

In the Central Area, we will report an integral change in the company and a significant price reduction is going to be achieved, a change in the range based on consumer needs, along with an increase in opening hours for our shops.

In Andalusia, the campaign will focus on the price drop, for which there will be a very large investment in advertising, both on television (Canal Sur), and in the press and on the main radio stations.

The shops will be decorated with posters in sections and aisles. Furthermore, for the duration of the campaign, each manager will wear a t-shirt with the campaign slogan.

There will be significant advertising on mobile billboards which will travel around the main towns; and there will be actions on our website and on social networks such as Facebook, in which we invite you to participate.

We invite you to visit your closest shop and enjoy this big promotional campaign.